Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weekly groceries - 05/08/2011

Well, I was expecting a moderate week, around our average, but there were some good sales that pushed our total up to $79.98.

Dairy ran $18.74,  meat and eggs were $14.77, $13.99 in grains and breads, produce ran $11.14, coffee was $7.49,  with the remaining $13.85 divided between things like mayo, teriyaki sauce, and chocolate chips.

Our best deal was a good name brand of spaghetti at $.38 for a 12 oz package. If we weren't already stocked pretty thoroughly, I'd have bought a lot more of this since it's hard to beat $.50 a pound. Whole chickens were $.50 a pound, so we got two, plus a 10 pound bag of fryer leg quarters for $5.90. Almond milk, including the chocolate version, was $1.99 for half a gallon, a treat we love with an expiration date of as much as a month away. I got a loaf of bakery-made rye bread off the day-old rack for $1.19. Large packages of some very tasty organic lettuces were $1.50 each, and by weight probably cheaper than the regular lettuce is right now (it's worth checking the pricy/gourmet items for sales). The coffee price wasn't fantastic, but I haven't seen better in the last month, and we opened one canister this week, and I like to have two unopened in the cabinet.

The blueberries at $2.88 for 12 ounces were a little bit of a splurge, but they combine beautifully with the strawberries in smoothies, my request for Mother's Day breakfast...

A side note: we took in our own shopping bags this morning. Most of these are homemade so the sizes aren't exactly consistent, but most of the ones we had were equivalent to the small plastic bags they use. I've never seen a bagger and checker make it as difficult as possible for themselves. They took the largest bags, more than big enough to put in a carton of a dozen eggs and loaves of bread laid flat, and filled them with small items, then tried to get the eggs into bags that were too small and put the loaves of bread upright. Then the bagger kept trying to put both boxes of saltine crackers into a bag that was just slightly too small. Either they have an extraordinarily bad spatial sense for people whose jobs include bagging or they were intentionally making it harder than necessary (not impossible, this checker has acted disgusted on other visits when I pointed out something rang up incorrectly.) We'd really rather bag ourselves, so having them insist on bagging, then doing it so poorly is annoying...

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