Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Convenient and cheap

My oldest daughter uses an approach I like to make sure their work night meals are cheap but easy and nutritious. On their weekend, she chops up whatever fresh vegetables and meat they buy on sale for stir fries and packages them up (meat and vegetables separately) in single meal proportions. Any that won't be used in the next couple of days get frozen. 

When they're ready for supper, she puts the rice to cook, turns on the burner and puts oil in the wok, getting out her bags of meat and vegetables (left to thaw in the refrigerator if they were frozen) while the wok heats. As soon as it's ready, she adds the meat to the oil. When the meat is about half cooked (which doesn't take long in a wok), she adds the bag of vegetables, then whatever sauce or seasonings they're adding. With a little practice, you can probably time the stir fry and rice to be done at almost exactly the same time.

They often work overtime, plus weird hours, and this quick approach helps them resist going out for more expensive and much less healthy fast food. I plan to try this myself for next week...I hope asparagus and peppers are on sale. 

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