Monday, April 25, 2011

Stocking the kitchen

So, what is the the minimum outfitting for a kitchen? You can get by with very little, at least for a while, especially if you are starting with nothing. Can opener and bottle opener. A 2 quart sauce pan with a lid is big enough to make soups, warm vegetables, and can even be used, in a limited way, in place of a skillet. Add a sheet pan, a slotted cooking spoon, a decent knife and a pancake turner, and you can manage basic cooking for yourself. If you're willing to wash dishes as you use them (wasteful of water though), you can get by with a single plate, bowl, mug, spoon, knife and fork.

At the next level, add a medium-sized skillet, preferably with a lid, a mixing bowl, a couple of more cooking spoons and knives, a glass measuring cup, measuring spoons,  possibly a spatula, tongs, or whisk. Add at least one more set of tableservice.

Things that are handy but can be added as you have the resources: a lidded soup pot (6 qt is a good size, but a really big one is nice to have), a bread pan, a cake pan, round or square casserole dishes with lids if available, a cutting board, a vegetable peeler, collander, a 1 qt lidded sauce pan, and an omelet pan or small skillet. For singles or couples, I'd recommend 3 place settings per person so you don't have to wash tiny loads of dishes, larger families can probably get by with 2 per person. Probably a little extra glassware beyond the basic.


Ami said...

The wedding gift I used the most (and still use the most today) was a set of pyrex mixing bowls... baked in them, mixed in them, put food away in the refrigerator in them, used one for a circle pattern for a halloween costume or three, soak beans overnight in them, oh, and mixing, too.

Dawnfire said...

The pyrex ones are great, but I also like the metal ones. One of those nested over an inch or so of water in a sauce pan makes a perfectly good double boiler.