Saturday, April 30, 2011

Weekly groceries-4/30/11

This week was back up a bit, $59.95, mostly because we're buying some stuff to get us through finals with limited cooking, and we bought one relatively expensive bulk item. 

Dairy ran $4.98, meat and eggs for $3.43, produce at $6.22, breads, oatmeal, pasta, and corn starch cost $14.51,  healthy snacks for between exams for $8.51, $9.39 in canned goods that were on sale, $7.29 for a large jar of paprika, and the rest in odds and ends. A lot of the breads were things we wouldn't normally buy, but you can make a lot of quick meals around bread. 

We don't normally eat pre-made pasta sauces (too much sodium if nothing else), but a good name brand was on sale for $1 a large can, less than it would cost to make it ourselves, so I stocked up on some of that. I also bought a couple of cans of ready-to-heat whole grain canned pasta on sale for emergency meals during finals. I found some 7 oz packages of small pasta shells for $.29 each, and a couple of packages of my low-fat turkey hot dogs for $1 each. Strawberries are a $1.50 a pound this week, and I'm looking forward to homemade smoothies.

I think I'll make quickie pizzas using one of the cans of pasta sauce plus some hoagie rolls we got on the day-old bread rack. Then I'll fix some of the cheap shells we picked up with the rest of that can of pasta sauce plus a little pre-cooked meat to make lunches for the week. The heat's supposed to break for a few days, a good time to use the oven. The paprika was the expensive bulk item, but we use a lot of it, making our own taco meat and chicken paprika, among other things, and this large container will last us for months. 

All in all, a good, though not great, week. I like having some things around that can be warmed up over a candle-stove or eaten cold if we ever have a prolonged power outage. I think we have enough things like that for about a week right now. I'd like to have about twice that, plus a single burner camp stove. One step at a time...

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