Sunday, April 17, 2011

Weekly groceries-4/17/2011

This was another pay-off week, with a grocery total of $34.31 and only about $11 of which were necessities. We spent $7.47 for dairy, $6.94 for produce, $2 for canned vegetables on sale, $7.63 for meat and eggs, $3.18 for breads and grains, and the remaining $7 for odds and ends. 

Some nice looking pork chops were our best deal, at $1.47 a pound. We only got one package because the freezer is packed, but if we had a large freezer, we would have bought several packages, plus taken advantage of some chicken and ground pork sausage that were also on sale. Our worst deal was $1.44 for 1 pound of baby carrots, usually about $1 at our usual store, but we had gone to the secondary store for other reasons, and most of their produce prices are high. 

We shopped on Sunday this week for the very practical reason that as we were about to walk out the door Saturday morning to grocery shop, the power went out, and I was reluctant to buy anything that would require opening the refrigerator until it came back on. So we made our once-every-4-to-7 week trip to a general department store to stock up on household items like toilet paper and vitamins.

Next week will *probably* be another payoff week. And as my daughter and I wind down into finals, my posts will probably get shorter for a few weeks.

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