Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gorceries for the week of June 11, 2011

We're trying to work out some new eating patterns. My daughter, who's done most of the cooking and kitchen cleaning, started a job in addition to the class she's taking this summer that requires standing on her feet a lot. Some of the more labor intensive menu items just aren't practical right now.

So, the total for this week was $61.57. We spent $16.45 on meat, $7.98 for dairy, $16 for produce, $7.46 for breads and grains, $11.18 for spices and sauces, and $2.50 for snacks. A little higher than our long-term average (about $55), but not bad at all.

There was a lot of meat out in the bargain bin, so we stocked up on some good ground chuck and some brats. Without these sales, we'd have kept our spending closer to $50. We got a package of ripe bell peppers for $.50 a pepper, and I love the ripe peppers which are usually too expensive for me. Blackberries for $.99, and strawberries for $1.97 mean we'll be having berries in milk for dessert several nights. We still have some salad makings left from last week too, so we'll have lots of fruits and veggies this week.

Our most expensive purchase was garlic powder, $7.99 for a large jar. This will last us for a while, though.  Right now, I expect next week's grocery bill to be $50 or less, but that could change if there's a good sale...

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