Sunday, June 5, 2011

Groceries-week 06/04/2011

Sorry, forgot to post yesterday, lots going on (mostly good, but I forgot I didn't have one set up yet).

Our grocery bill for the week $69.94, good when you consider we haven't bought in a week and a half. Dairy was $8.96; breads and grains were $5.81; produce was $28.72; meat and eggs were $7.27; oil and sauces were $15.30 with about $3.88 in some miscellaneous items.

Produce was unusually high, but since my daughter started a job and our summer classes have started, we're experimenting with steamed vegetables, chef salads, etc. Some of that was also for frozen and canned fruits and vegetables that store well. We also replaced several bottles of sauces we use for stir fries and enchiladas, pushing that up some for this week.

Our best deals were on strawberries ($2), carrots (5 lbs for $1.99), rice ($.47 a pound), eggs ($1 for a dozen large), and enchilada sauce ($.79). We didn't really have a bad buy this week, unless it was for the stir fry sauces.

Going back to our favorite new toy, the rice steamer, I'm finding that steaming vegetables at the same time rice is cooking doesn't work very well-the rice tends to foam up into the steaming basket. But I cut up a raw chicken breast to steam while rice cooked one day this week, and it came out beautifully cooked through, moist and tender. I plan to try steaming vegetables and meat in the basket and serving it over bread, baked potato, or couscous which can be made on the stove top quickly and easily. The second option is to cook up enough rice in the steamer one night when having a stir fry to have leftover rice for steamed meat and veggies the next night but I don't usually want rice that often.

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