Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Groceries for the week of 07/10/2011

This past weekend, we did a bit of stocking up at one of our secondary stores, with a total of $83.34.

We spent $9.51 on dairy, $37.08 on meat and eggs, $17.11 on produce, $9.18 for grains and bread, $2 for coffee, and $8.46 for odds and ends. That's a lot of money for meat, but we got over 20 pounds of (boneless) meat, and $10 of that went to stocking up on my fat free hot dogs that were on sale.

We've needed a trip to this store to restock on a couple of items, but we'd been watching for a weekend with unusually good sales, which this was. Our best meat purchase was ground chicken for $.99 a pound. A lot of produce was at a good price. We didn't exactly need the coffee since we'd bought some last week, but the small canister was about the equivalent of $6 for the large, so more than worth it. Unfortunately, there was a one-item limit. Our best buy was a very large package of corn tortillas for $.99 (I don't remember the exact number, but I think it was 90). That's a lot to use up, even for us, but I'm planning to try tortilla soup later this week, and we have baked enchillada at least once a week, and migas for breakfast.

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