Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Groceries-week of 07/02/2011

I've been offline for a couple of weeks due to computer and car problems and exams in my class. Hopefully I can get back to posting regularly.

Just to keep the weekly record of grocery buying complete, I'm going to jump back to the weekend before last. We spent $48.29, so another payoff week. We spent $3.19 for dairy, $14.04 for meat, $15.85 for produce, $2.19 for bread, $9.44 for coffee, and $3.58 for brownie mixes.

The total would have been even lower except this included food for the 4th of July plus brownie mixes that we made up to take to someone as a thank you for help with the car. The worst deal was the coffee. The price has gone up in the last few months and seems to be staying high. I could have gone a few more weeks, but I hate to chance running short too. Next time I see a good sale, though, I'm buying 3 or 4 cans even if I have to store them on top of the cabinets. Some of the produce was a particularly good price.

However, they had apparently made too many rotisserie chickens because they had a lot of them marked down quite a bit. One of our meat purchases was a really large BBQ chicken for $4.79 (at least twice the size of what's usually sold at that price) that provided lunch and supper that day with enough meat frozen to provide at least 8 lunches for me. I consider it a great deal since it saved us the work and time and avoided turning on the oven in this heat.

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