Saturday, July 16, 2011

Groceries for the week of July 16th

Not a bad week, though we did a bit more stocking up, $70.30, but we got some really good deals.

We spent $3.58 on meat, $18.96 on dairy, $16.24 for produce, breads and grains were $10.87, and $20.65 on miscellaneous soups, nuts, and such. My best deal were cans of diced tomatoes with chili peppers for $.15 a can, and I got quarts of strawberries for $1.38 each, as well as some other good ones. I don't think I got a bad deal this week, really.

Coffee's so high that I bought a box of really cheap tea bags as an alternative to try out. We've always had green tea and herb teas around, but not as our everyday drink.

Oh, and the tomato/chili cans paired well with the corn tortillas we bought last week. I warmed up beef broth, a can of the tomatoes and chilies, added about a cup of frozen onions, and some seasonings (salt, pepper, garlic powder, cayenne pepper), brought it to a boil, and added some strips of corn tortillas. It was pretty good served with plain yogurt (as a substitute for sour cream) and a little salsa. It was a bit spicier than I like. Next time, I think I may try making it in chicken broth with a little chicken added and possibly some beans if I have some already cooked, or something that will soak up some of the spice. It could be made with corn, but I'm not a big fan of corn myself. Most of the recipes I've seen either use tortilla CHIPS or fry the tortillas, turning them into chips. I treated them like noodles and it worked pretty well. It was relatively low calorie; even with the tortillas and yogurt it was probably less than 200 calories per person. And cheap: I think the whole pot of soup was less than $.60, but that's because I combined several sales items.

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